Skin Tags: Explained

A skin tag, otherwise known as a cutaneous skin tag is a skin growth common in adults. The majority of the time, they are harmless and can be left alone. These usually only occur in older adults, and have been associated with overweight people and those with diabetes. Some people believe that they’re caused by rubbing against the skin. A skin tag sticks out of the skin and may have a narrow stalk that connects it to your skin surface. Some tags will be the same colour as the skin, while others will be a bit darker. They can be painless most of the time, and won’t get any larger or change. You might find one irritating though, especially if it catches on things or rubs against clothing. Want more information? Read on:


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Places Your Skin Tag May Occur

Some places are more commonly associated with skin tags than others. These include:

  • The eyelids.

  • Under folds of the skin.

  • The underarms.

  • The neck.

Your doctor will be able to tell you if you have a skin tag just by looking at your skin. You won’t need treatment a lot of the time, but if you find your skin tag irritating then you have a number of options. You could:

These tags are nearly always harmless, and will be unlikely to come back once you’ve removed one. However, you may find you get skin tags on other parts of your body. Make sure that you don’t ever try to remove a skin tag yourself, as you can find that it bleeds a lot. Some people say that you should tie a piece of string around it to cut off its circulation, but this isn’t recommended unless performed by a professional either.

Here are some facts about skin tags that you may not have known before:

  • Certain people are more likely to form skin tags than others.

  • By removing a skin tag, you don’t automatically cause more to grow. However, you may get more on other parts of the body by chance.

  • Obesity has been associated with the formation of skin tags.

  • Middle aged adults are more prone to skin tags too.

  • Nearly everybody will get a skin tag at some point.

  • Any one person could have up to 100 skin tags.

  • Although skin tags are common, they are small and harmless.

  • A skin tag is not the same as a mole or freckle.

Although skin tags are harmless most of the time, if you’re worried about yours you should always get it checked out, just in case. Many people won’t even notice that you have a skin tag either, so try not to feel self conscious about it. If you do feel self conscious, you can always have it removed. The only time they cause problems is if they rub or get caught on jewellery and clothing.

I hope you understand skin tags a little more now. Thanks for reading!